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What people are saying about
Spectrums: Our Mind-Boggling Universe from Infinitesimal to Infinity

“Enthralling and beautifully written. It builds a new 21st century perspective on STEM (science, technology,engineering, mathematics) for both the curious young and the well-educated adult.”

–Ed Feigenbaum,
National Academy of Engineering;
Former Chief Scientist, US Air Force

“Spectrums is a mind-expanding perspective shift that evokes a deep reverence for reality at all scales, and provides inspiration no matter where you fall on the spectrum of science and religion.”

–Rev. Michael Dowd,
author of Thank God for Evolution

“This thoroughly researched book will engage all readers, from curious twelve-year olds to every adult who delights in learning something new. Blatner stretches our imaginations inward toward the infinitesimal and outward toward the infinite–with lots of engaging examples, comparisons, and metaphors. Read it with wonder and awe!”

–Nils Nilsson,
Stanford University Kumagai Professor of Engineering (Emeritus), Department of Computer Science

“I love this book! The writing and imagery are beautiful, as is the layout. Blatner is a witty and awesome tour guide to areas beyond our perceptual horizon, from speeds at which hummingbirds fly, to cell phone ring tones too high for adults to hear, to mountains taller than Everest but which begin underwater. This is an indispensable manual if we want to grok—deeply understand—our world.”

–Dr. Robert P. Crease,
author of World in the Balance: The Historic Quest for an Absolute System of Measurement, Professor of Philosophy, Stony Brook University

“Though this seems, at first glance, like an overly broad theme, the book is both cohesive and fascinating… Even longtime science buffs will likely learn a lot here.”

Library Journal

“One of those rare nonfiction gems that make learning about science eyeopening and fun.”


“Charles and Ray Eames’s film Powers of Ten might finally have a contender for most useful and enlightening discussion of our place in the micro- and macrocosmos.”

Barnes and Noble Review

“Because I am wary of any book whose subtitle includes the words “mind-boggling,” I confess that I had initial misgivings, especially given the chutzpah of attempting all this in such a brief format. Yet even so I found myself charmed and, yes, even amazed by some of Mr. Blatner’s examples.”

The Wall Street Journal

“For all the graphic design that makes the book such a great book, Blatner matches it with smart prose… Spectrums is the sort of book that makes you feel smarter the second you pick it up.”

Rick Kleffel, Bookotron

“An interesting introduction to the world of physics.”

The Guardian


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